WallP magstripe reader

One card reader, big possibilities.

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Accept credit cards anywhere

The WallP Reader works with the free WallP Bookeeper app to allow everyone to take payments on their smartphone or tablet.

Works with Android

WallP Reader connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth connection. Never miss a sale again.

Serious security

Card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. WallP doesn’t store data on your device after a payment has been processed.

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Clear pricing, fast deposits

Pay 2.25% per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Rupay, and Discover. Swipe ₹100, see ₹97.42 deposited into your bank account in two to three business days.


Fast setup, no commitments.

Sign up free for WallP — no commitments or long-term contracts.

All major credit cards

Process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express at 2.25% per swipe. Manually enter card information and pay 3.5% per transaction.

Accept non card payments too

Accept cash or cheque payments with free WallP Bookeeper app. Everything you need to run your business, from payments to invoices, comes in the free WallP Bookeeper app.

Free updates for your retail point of sale arrive automatically to help improve your business.

Send receipts customers keep.

Send receipts via email or text message. Personalize your signature screen and receipts with a logo and cover photo.

Pro tip: Improve your tips

Customers sign and tip right on the device in one easy free motion—easier for them and better for your business.

Accept contactless card payments at your business.

The WallP all in one reader turns your point of sale into a complete payment solution. Whether it’s contactless card, a chip card or a traditional swipe card, you can accept any way your customer wants to pay.

  • Accepts NFC payments and chip cards.
  • Connects wirelessly to your compatible Android device. Check device compatibility
  • Packs a powerful battery and charges easily with the micro USB port.
Order Your Reader

Order your WallP Reader for chip cards.

Be ready for the switch to EMV. The WallP Reader for chip cards is the most sophisticated and affordable EMV reader on the market.

  • Use with Android devices.
  • Charge easily with the micro USB port.
  • Switch to EMV without long-term contracts or re-terminalization fees.
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Dip the chip.

The WallP Reader for chip cards has two slots—so you can accept whatever card your customer is carrying. Read chip cards with the side slot.

Wave the card.

Wave contactless cards near the device. Whichever card they’re using, customers sign and tip right on the device.

Do business anywhere with WallP Bookkeeper.

WallP Bookkeeper gives you everything you need in one free point-of-sale app. Free app updates keep you equipped with the latest point-of-sale features.

  • Accept card payments & send invoices.
  • Accept non card payments—even without a connection.
  • Send receipts via email or text message.
  • Collect customer feedback from digital receipts.
  • Email sales reports.
  • Adjust taxes, tipping, and discounts.

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Tech specs

Molded plastic
Height: 0.57 inches
Width: 5.2 inches
Depth: 2.6 inches
140 grams
Supported devices
Compatible Android devices
Payment types
Magnetic swipe cards
EMV chip cards
NFC cards
Power modes
Charge the battery and connect wirelessly.