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Manage your business from anywhere with WallP.

Accept every way your customer wants to pay.

Whether it’s contactless cards, or EMV chip cards, or classic magnetic stripe cards, you can accept all payment types at the counter or on the go.

Dip the chip.

Chip cards (or EMV) are the new standard in payment cards. Chip cards are inserted into the reader, then left in place for the duration of the sale.

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Swipe credit cards anywhere.

Accept all type of credit & debit cards in store and on the go. Simply swipe the card in WallP reader to trigger payment.

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Tap and go.

Move your line faster by accepting NFC payments. Customers simply hold their contactless card near the NFC reader to trigger payment.

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Suitable for every type of business.

From bookkeeper in your pocket to detailed analytics, we have services for sellers of all types and sizes.

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