Serious about Security

WallP’s approach to security is designed to protect both you and your customers. We monitor every transaction from swipe to payment, we continuously innovate in fraud prevention, and we protect your data like our business depends on it—because it does. We adhere to industry-leading standards to manage our network, secure our web and client applications, and set policies across our organization.

Data never touches your device

WallP enables trusted transactions between you and your customers by making secure payments as simple as possible. We do this by bringing to our sellers the technologies and monitoring that once were only available to the largest of merchants.

WallP encrypts transactions at the point-of-swipe and tokenizes data once it reaches our servers. We track the purchase as it goes through our software. We monitor your money until it’s deposited into your bank account.

In addition, we monitor each transaction to detect suspicious behavior from swipe to settlement. WallP uses our algorithms to spot and freeze malicious or suspicious activity. We’re looking out for you and your customers at each step.

Partners in security

WallP is the merchant of record for every transaction, which means we’re dedicated to keeping your business safe. We deal with the banks on your behalf and take care of compliance, regulation and processing so you can focus on running your business. We’ll go to bat for you if someone disputes a transaction and we’ll make sure your money moves quickly and securely into your bank account. WallP does the heavy lifting. All you need to do is swipe.

Layered Security

Card-processing systems adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Stopping fraud before it happens

We stop fraud via live monitoring programs that analyze transactions as they’re happening. This is known as risk visualization. The approach helps us detect and investigate suspicious activity before a fraudulent charge takes place. This method is not only a pioneering way for us to protect merchants, but it’s also a better way to build an automated system to detect criminals that will scale as our business grows.

Getting stronger as we grow

We’ve designed WallP to grow stronger the more people transact. The better data set we have to analyze, the smarter our anti-fraud algorithms become. Think of it this way: if cars on a highway drove by only occasionally, it’d be tough to distinguish the ones speeding from the ones travelling within the limit. But on a crowded highway, it’s easy to spot the reckless driver weaving in and out of traffic. Likewise, more WallP customers allow our proprietary systems to spot the bad guys easily.

Secure network, servers, and data

WallP’s network and servers are housed in a secure facility monitored around the clock by dedicated security staff.

Web and client application security

WallP’s software is developed using industry standard security best practices.

Secure organization from top to bottom

WallP mandates that employees act in accordance with security policies designed to keep merchant data safe.

Research and Disclosure

WallP recognizes the important contributions that our customers and the security research community can make. We encourage responsible reporting of problems with our service. We also recognize that legitimate and well-intentioned researchers are sometimes blamed for the problems they disclose. In order to encourage responsible reporting practices, we promise not to bring legal action against researchers who point out a problem, provided they:

If you believe you have discovered a problem, please report it at our security@wallp.io. Please contact us at security@wallp.io with any questions.