WallP Payments

Accept more payments. Pay no hidden fees.

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Accept credit cards anywhere

The WallP All in one Reader works with the free WallP app to allow merchants of all sizes to process payments on a smartphone or tablet.

Fast deposits, clear pricing

Pay 2.25% per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. See deposits in your bank account in one to two business days.

Quick setup, no commitments

It’s free to sign up and fast to set up. There are no commitments or monthly fees, and you pay only when you make a sale.

Security at swipe

From products that follow PCI standards, to data encryption and fraud monitoring, we’re here to protect your business and your customers.

Clear pricing. No monthly fees.

Per Swipe, Dip, or Tap

Per Keyed-In Transaction

One price for every swipe

Process Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Rupay, and Discover at 2.25% per swipe. Swipe ₹100, see ₹97.41 (2.25% + 15% tax) deposited into your bank account in two to three business days.

One price for every manually entered transaction

Process all major credit cards at 3.5% when you key in a transaction. Key in ₹100, see ₹95.97 (3.5% + 15% tax) deposited into your bank account in one to two business days.

Know exactly what you’re paying and why.

With many payment processors, there are fees you see and many more that you don’t. At WallP, our pricing is always simple and transparent. So if you’ve found a lower rate, make sure you check for hidden fees.

Authorization fees
Gateway fees
Statement fees
PCI compliance fees
Maintainence fees
Return fees
Batch fees
Early termination fees
Business cards surcharges
Rewards cards surcharges
International cards surcharges
Non-qualified surcharges

More features without more fees.

Your WallP account includes access to a wide range of additional features at no extra cost.

Free Analytics on demand

Access world class analytics tools for free with WallP dashboard. Make better business decisions with real time data at your disposal.

Learn more about WallP Analytics

Call, email, or tweet us

Get in touch with our customer support team by phone, email, or Twitter—or get instant answers in our Support Center.

Learn more about the Support Team

Fraud prevention

We use algorithms and live monitoring to investigate suspicious activity and stop fraudulent activity before it occurs.

Learn more about WallP Security

One on one private feedback

Get customer feedback right from digital receipts with WallP Feedback. Resolve issues one on one and build a better business with your customers’ input.

Learn more about WallP feedback

Phone and email support
Deposits as fast as one business day
Private customer feedback for customer satisfaction.
Sophisticated reporting and analytics
All in one WallP readers for you and staff

Sign up and order an all in one WallP Reader.

Create your free WallP account and order an all in one WallP Reader. Connect via bluetooth with free WallP Bookkeeper app and process payments anywhere.

Works on Android

The WallP all-in-one reader connects via bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Take payments with the device you have, or choose the best fit for your business.

Get a reader today

Order a WallP all-in-one reader today to start processing payments today. It costs ₹7,999 and comes with ability to accept swipe, emv and contactless cards.

Download the free WallP app.

Payments with WallP Reader are powered by the free WallP app. This pocket-size point of sale has tools to manage every area of your business.


Record cash, checks, or other tender.
Send receipts via email or text message.
Print or email sales reports.
Issue full or partial refunds.
Key in payments when a card isn’t available for just 3.5%.
Let customers tip right on your device.
Collect private customer feedback from digital receipts.
See deposits in your account the next business day.
Adjust taxes, tipping, and discounts.
Get the latest features with free app updates.

More ways to get paid.

From magstripe to EMV and Apple Pay, WallP processes all kinds of payments—so you can accept any way your customer wants to pay.

Send invoices online

Send WallP Invoices straight from your mobile device to your customers’ inboxes. They can pay securely with a few clicks.

Learn more about WallP Invoices

Accept contactless cards

The WallP contactless reader connects wirelessly to your Android device—and works with WallP app. Accept NFC payments (like Apple Pay) and contactless cards too.

Learn about contactless reader

Accept chip cards

The WallP chip card reader connects wirelessly to your Android devices and works with the WallP app. Just dip the chip cards to accept chip cards.

Learn more about chip card reader