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Millions of tickets sold with WallP.

Whether you’re selling tickets or renting putters, WallP can help you run your business like a pro. The perfect leisure and entertainment point of sale, WallP lets you sell online or in person, take payments anywhere, check inventory in real time, and get next-business-day deposits.

We’ve seen a huge increase in sales since signing up. For a band on the road, WallP is really a lifesaver.

Afflatus, India

Track and run your business from one app.

The free WallP Bookkeeper app allows you to take payments, send invoices, track inventory, manage appointments, and more. New leisure and entertainment point-of-sale updates arrive regularly to help run your business more smoothly.

  • Key in payments when a card isn’t available for just 3.5%.
  • Email or print sales reports.
  • Customize taxes, tipping, and discounts.
  • See deposits in your account the next business day.

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Straightforward pricing

Pay 2.25% per swipe—every swipe—for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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Take payments at home and on the road.

WallP Reader lets you take payments everywhere your business takes you. It is designed to work with WallP Bookkeeper, making it a simple, synced leisure and entertainment point-of-sale solution.

Swipe like a star

WallP Readers connects wirelessly via bluetooth into your phone and let you take payments whether you’re online or off. All sales track in WallP Bookkeeper.

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Receipts that stay with people.

After signing on the screen, customers can choose text, email, or printed receipts. You can customize receipts with your company’s logo and a photo for a more personal touch.

Get more helpful customer feedback

Instead of getting feedback from public website forums, you can now get it from digital receipts with WallP Feedback. Resolve issues directly, see trends more quickly, and improve your business, all thanks to your receipts.

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Bring your register to the customer.

Let employees take more payments anywhere your business takes you with extra WallP Readers. They can also take payments at events, with all their sales showing up in your WallP Dashboard.

See how your team is doing

With WallP Dashboard, you can quickly download employee sales summaries by the hour or the year. When you create staff accounts, you can limit their access to sensitive information.

Take the back office with you.

WallP Dashboard gives you instant access to all the information you need to know about your business, whether you’re at checkout or at the site of your next location.

We’ll do the math for you

WallP Dashboard updates charts and reports automatically to let you focus on other, more important things. See up-to-the-minute sales histories and deposit schedules—and even issue refunds.

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