EMV & Chip Cards

Get ready to accept chip cards.

What is EMV?

RBI has already mandated every payment terminal should be EMV enabled. And banks are also directed to issue fresh chip cards for most customers. Soon we will have to change how we pay and get paid with credit and debit cards. The new standard of operation is called EMV—developed by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa to be a more secure way of paying. Every customer’s card will soon have its own embedded microchip.

Small chip, big security

EMV chip cards can be identified by their embedded chip—essentially a tiny computer. It’s harder to replicate a chip card than a magnetic-stripe card, as the chip creates a unique impression every time it is used.

Dip the chip

EMV means a new kind of experience for customer and merchant. Chip cards are inserted or dipped into the reader and left in place for the entire sale as the reader and card talk back and forth.

WallP for Chip Cards

Transition seamlessly with WallP.

WallP's revolutionized magnetic-stripe credit card payments by making it easy for anyone to swipe credit cards anywhere. We’re bringing the same level of simplicity to chip card payments—so you can continue to do business without missing a beat using the same card reader.

Order your WallP all in one card reader.

Introducing our most powerful reader yet. Fast, secure, wireless, and designed for every business—everywhere.

  • Accept NFC payments, chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.
  • Compatible with most Android devices having bluetooth connection.
  • Switch to EMV and NFC without long-term contracts or reterminalization fees.
Coming Soon

Tech specs

Molded plastic
Height: 0.57 inches
Width: 5.2 inches
Depth: 2.6 inches
140 grams
Supported devices
Almost all Android devices (having a bluetooth connection)
Payment types
Magnetic swipe cards
EMV chip cards
NFC cards
Power modes
Charge the battery and connect wirelessly.