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Make over your beauty shop's point of sale.

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Millions of beauty services provided with WallP.

WallP is one service for your entire beauty business, from online appointment scheduling to free beauty point-of-sale tools. Whether you’re opening another location or providing manicures in your kitchen, WallP helps make beauty business a little less work.

Setup took no time, there isn’t a reason not to sell with WallP. It’s easy to use and so aesthetically appealing.

Josh Meyer, Imaginary Authors

Run your business beautifully with WallP Bookkeeper.

The free WallP Bookkeeper app turns a smartphone into your complete beauty point of sale. It takes care of payments, tipping, invoices, and more so you can focus on your clients and your craft.

  • Record cash, checks, and other forms of tender.
  • Sms or email sales reports.
  • Customize taxes, tipping, and discounts.

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Crystal-clear pricing. Fast deposits.

Pay 2.25% per swipe—every swipe—for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Get payments deposited into your bank account in one to two business days.

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Stylish hardware for your counter and pocket.

Take your beauty point of sale anywhere with WallP. WallP Reader work with the free WallP Bookkeeper app so you can make sales at your counter and on the go.

Love at first swipe

Accept credit cards from a smartphone with all in one WallP Reader. WallP Reader encrypts card information at the moment of swipe.

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Private, real-time feedback. Increase customer retention.

Now you can get feedback from your customers via digital receipts with WallP Feedback. You can respond directly with promotions or discounts & increase customer satisfaction.

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Set up your stylists.

Put a point of sale in the hands of everyone on your team. Let your stylists ring up clients at special events or in your shop. Payments go directly into your business’s bank account.

Keep track of your team

Manage staff access to sensitive information in your WallP Dashboard. Download customized summaries of individual staff sales by hour, day, week, month, or year.

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Back-office analytics that fit in your bag.

Gain business insights with WallP Analytics. Identify new versus returning customers, your average customer spend, and more. Sign in to your free WallP Dashboard at wallp.io to access your data and manage your business in real time.

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